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    Comment on Watch “The Amish” Chapter 1 (Video) (December 10th, 2017 at 14:49)

    Its a good documentary. Reminds me of how old American and English documentaries used to be made before the 2000s. Today, documentaries rely on acting. I’ve seen a number of recent documentaries try to show the life of the Amish by portraying former Amish members or Amish-Mennonite groups as though they were Old Order Amish. I also find that those documentaries lack the depth that this documentary and other older documentaries have in presenting the Amish life.

    A documentary should focus on what is real, what actually is true for the subject being documented.

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    Comment on Watch “The Amish” Chapter 1 (Video) (December 13th, 2017 at 01:23)

    I found an interesting website that breaks down language by county and sub-county. You can see what percentage each county speaks a different language. What makes this site really cool is that the sub-county breakdown even shows which parts of the county speak Dutch/German more (therefor has the most Amish).


    Holmes County Amish are strongly concentrated in the south eastern part. The majority of Dutch/Amish speakers in Lancaster County also live near the eastern/central part of Lancaster. Leacock and Bart Townships are the center of the Amish populations, with German/Dutch speakers forming the majority.

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    Comment on English tourists (December 28th, 2017 at 12:41)

    English tourists

    In the program an Amish man talks about tourists and wonders why they might want to look at the Amish and if it is different than Yellowstone or Disneyland, or is it because the kids are cute…? I really like Amish country. It offends me a little that Amish people discuss tourists negatively and many Amish I have seen in Lancaster were not exactly friendly. I still like the Amish country. The guy in the video also asks if some are seekers. For me, as a child I admired the lifestyle, no tv and electricity especially, and I still do. I think the clothes are nice, a reflection of a certain appreciation of life, and the land is peaceful. I a unique lifestyle is made evident. Is it like Disneyland? Probably some of the dinner theaters are. I have heard of ex Amish opening up some attractions so they can’t exactly blame the Englishers in total. The peace of the farm country is kind of like the beauty of Yellowstone. Nothing wrong with that. I guess in a long winded way I’m trying to say I am disappointed the Amish don’t recognize the admiration people have for them, which makes people like to visit amish country. The Amish claim to emulate the bible phrase of being in the world but not of the world. But what about love thy neighbor as we love ourselves? I can’t say I succeed all the time, but i know it is a good goal. It seems amish people base much of their culture on thinking other people are evil, not even of the same species. Thing is they are visible in our world, they have a unique lifestyle, but they don’t seem too keen on sharing. Oh well. Guess I can sit by the road at a motel and wait for buggies to drive by, and suck in by osmosis a dream of no cars and no tv, except I do feel bad for horses and I see nothing wrong with bicycles. Guess I can wear Amish clothes if I want. Will Amish people like me better, until they hear my accent? Maybe people expect too much from the Amish. Maybe only I do.

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      Comment on Typo (December 28th, 2017 at 12:43)


      It is a unique lifestyle made evident…

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