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    Comment on Vermont Amish (May 29th, 2018 at 16:02)

    Vermont Amish

    The last sentence in the article regarding Vermont Amish states a quote from Lovina Miller; “…we have made a lot of friends.”

    Amish do not make friends with “English” people.

    They use, employ and when need to, act in such a way that “English” interrupt that the Amish are considering a friendship with them.


    Amish when in the company of other Amish will not treat any “English” as a friend.

    That is a known fact from anyone who has been exploited be the Amish.

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      Comment on Vermont Amish Doing Well 3 Years Later (May 29th, 2018 at 16:31)

      Eve, I know many English and Amish who would disagree with your statements, myself included.

      I’m sorry if something bad happened to you on an individual level.

      But if you’re trying to stir up trouble here, please take it somewhere else.

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      Comment on Friendship of Amish (June 1st, 2018 at 12:07)

      Friendship of Amish

      I had the welcoming friendship of two Amish gentlemen who thought it was strange that a Englishman could speak Pennsylvania Dutch and not be Amish. I can also speak German to.

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    Comment on Vermont Amish (May 29th, 2018 at 21:37)

    Vermont Amish


    I’m fortunate to be able to state that I have good women friend’s that are Amish. I have not “lived” in their homes, but rather in several cases a cottage on the same premises as their homes/farms. They’re kind and hospitable, and always. respectful. The Christian Farm Community women gather to sew and socialize and here great talking and laughter takes place.

    We look forward to shopping, and I’m one of the drivers. In the car, we laugh till we cry over fun stories and things that have happened during the course of the week. I’m never “used” either – particualrly among the Amish who are extremely generous. If I drive or do some “kindness”, I will find a beautiful, white cotton, modest handmade nightgown draped over a chair by my bed, or a homemade apron hanging on my coat rack. Several weeks ago, a Mennonite teen was “concerned” for my hands, and crafted me a pair of half finger gloves from leather, so I could grip better the reins on a feisty draft gelding.

    The last dozen years working within these Christian Farm Communities has enriched me beyond any expectations. I have seen the Amish restore old, left for ruins farms, barns, and farmhouses – work around the clock and beyond, and bring life back to depressed areas in Central New York and the North Country, when others had no hope and thought it was plain impossible! Moreover, incumbent farmers embraced the Amish particularly, and worked side-by-side on many joint projects. At the end of the day, all here go to their own homes, and give each other the space and privacy to be among their individual culture and practice their own religion and beliefs.

    Having said that, there are areas that are less harmonious, dealing with a myriad of conflicting issues within their specific culture and religion, as well as external situations concerning laws, dairy farming regulations, and unresolved matters that have some picking up and leaving altogether.

    Nothing is certain, and life can be challenging here. But, I can state I’m blessed with having good friends, most of them women, consisting of mostly Baptists, Mennonites, and Amish!.

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    Comment on Vermont Amish Doing Well 3 Years Later (May 30th, 2018 at 14:05)

    eric; my contribution was not intended to “stir” up trouble.

    I have been blessed to encounter and join in “fellowships” with a variety of amish people.
    To believe that only positive encounters happen with the amish communities is naïve and misleading on your part. not every one has a pair of rose colored glasses they wear when they are in the company of the amish.

    “it takes all kinds of vegetables to make vegetable soup.” – Rudolph Schwartz
    “its o.k. for the amish to take what they can from the English because it says so in the bible.” – Rudolph Schwartz

    “wrong is wrong no matter how many people are for it, right is right no matter how people are against it” – William Penn

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      Comment on Vermont Amish Doing Well 3 Years Later (May 31st, 2018 at 09:37)

      Eve, I would hold off on calling anyone naïve 😀 Sounds like you might be new here.

      It might be helpful if you can point out where I suggested “that only positive encounters happen with the amish communities”, as you put it.

      Below, some recent posts where you’ll find that the Amish are not painted with rose-colored glasses, but rather as humans with their own problems and flaws.

      I’ll start with a half-dozen, but we can continue with a lot more if you like:


      I like the Amish on the whole, and have Amish friends. But I recognize they are human and hardly perfect, and that can lead to conflict both in their communities and with non-Amish.

      But when you make broad all-inclusive statements like:

      ‘Amish do not make friends with “English” people.’


      ‘Amish when in the company of other Amish will not treat any “English” as a friend.’

      …then I have to call that out as extreme in the opposite direction.

      Again, sorry if you had a bad individual experience. I hope you can resolve it, if that is still possible. Be well 🙂

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        Comment on Vermont Amish Doing Well 3 Years Later (May 31st, 2018 at 11:15)

        You answered this very well Erik. I think you do a good job of showing both sides of the Amish — the good and the bad. Reality is reality. Eve’s statements the Amish do not make friends with English people is false and hurtful to the many Amish and English people who ARE good friends. I have no idea what happened to Eve to make her say this, but I am glad you called it out as a “broad all-inclusive” statement. I’ve personally had a few bad experiences with people who weren’t Amish — but I cannot fairly say ALL English people are bad or do not make friends or whatever. Let’s be fair and reasonable here.

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          Comment on Judging (June 1st, 2018 at 12:23)


          Hi, I’m new to these posts. Listening to both Eric and Amish talk about people in general concerning ones belief. It all comes down to what God has for his PEOPLE, Matthew 7:1 and 7:2.

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          John Amey
          Comment on Hope (June 14th, 2018 at 08:21)


          Hello Erik,
          While I have yet to take the time to meet and mingle with the new community in Brownington, it is on my
          wish list to do. However, I know many people from the area and the common opinion is, “that they have revitalized a Vermont hill Farm community at a time when conventional dairy was failing and business in general was leaving the area.”
          One great misconception, on the part of some “English” is that they are a threat of some sort. Quite the contrary in
          that they are interesting, vibrant people and like the rest of us, are not perfect

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            Comment on Vermont Amish Doing Well 3 Years Later (June 15th, 2018 at 06:22)

            Interesting John, I think it is probably a similar story to upstate NY, with farming falling out of favor among the current generation and Amish seizing an opportunity to get land at a reasonable price. Don’t know how VT land would compare with parts of NY but maybe we’ll see more Amish head in that direction (or NH as well).

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    Comment on Flip Phones & Smart Phones. (June 29th, 2018 at 07:17)

    Flip Phones & Smart Phones.

    Restfully Speaking; The Amish does definitely does Not Generaly have
    Flip Phone, much less Smart Phones. The point I’m making is: for actual 9-11 Emergency only. Not for Chet chats & so on.

    Eric; we, obviously live in a vilolant world. & haven’t improved much.
    It’s to the point of School Shootings, yes, even in small farm towns

    you’re the young guy that know & have meet some loyal, kind Amish People that became your friends. Still people are set in their ways.

    Are their any changes that the Amish could be convinced to have a flu phone in the Teachers Desk, yet, occasionally, it’ll need charging.

    It’s common sense, the News Media are the types by changing the story.

    Therefore: your feedback would be appreciated.

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