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    Sean LaFianza
    Comment on No, I Won’t Say Cheese (June 26th, 2007 at 07:08)

    I’m reading through your site from the beginning and have so many comments that i’ve already passed up as they were really old posts but couldn’t pass this one up…

    we have old order friends in Lancaster county. We were up there just last weekend and asked if we could take some pictures of the farm. They said they didn’t even mind pictures of them as long as they weren’t posed. I still stuck to just farm images and a couple images of them when their backs were turned out of respect.

    Being old order, it surprised me they were as open to photography as they were. Perhaps because we have a relationship established they felt more open to the idea.

    (loving the site!)

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    Comment on No, I Won’t Say Cheese (June 26th, 2007 at 19:42)

    thanks Sean!!

    I am currently working an 80+ hour a week schedule here among the Lancaster Amish and so will have trouble getting to all your comments but looking forward to it, maybe by Sunday which is my only free day. Would love to see the shots. I was working in the Ronks area today, met some great, friendly people.

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