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    Comment on Bought -- thank you... (October 31st, 2014 at 14:12)

    Bought -- thank you...

    …for alerting me to the book’s existence.

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    Juanita Cook
    Comment on Serving the Amish Winner & Excerpt (October 31st, 2014 at 18:29)

    Con congratulations Scawley

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    Comment on Serving the Amish Winner & Excerpt (October 31st, 2014 at 21:57)

    Congrats to the winner! Looking forward to reading the book!
    Thanks for a great series of Q&As too! I enjoyed them muchly.

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    Comment on Similar to the Amish widower's experience (November 1st, 2014 at 05:31)

    Similar to the Amish widower's experience

    The account of the grieving Amish man’s hearing singing made me think of the reassurances, or comforts my father and I encountered at times of loved ones death.
    When my father’s youngest sister passed away after a bought with cancer, my Dad returned to Manitoba to be with his other sisters and brothers to see her off. She was laid to rest in a natural setting and a place she loved. When my Dad returned to Ontario he reported to us that he saw a deer sitting glance up from the side of the road, and apparently look at the elderly group of siblings leaving the area, I think he might have also said that a group of birds signature to the area seemingly did a fly past to honor the departed sister. “That was my sister saying she was alright and that she loved us” my Dad quipped.. Later on, 7 or 8 years later) the eldest brother died and was taken to the same location (as he too cherished the spot) and again it seemed to the remaining siblings that deer gave them reassurance that their brother was at peace and at home, according to my otherwise non-religious Dad.
    When my father died I did not see deer in the parkette (okay, a rather large one) that I wandered around in to be out of the apartment we both had lived in, but walking over an overpass to get back home a rather large bird flew over me and squawked at me. “Yes, Dad, fine.” I screamed in grief flashing back to the image he at painted of the natural world assuring him of his siblings peace. But to me it was him reassuring me that the pain and agony he had suffered in the last month was well and truly released.
    It is interesting the odd things that happen to those left behind when death happens, and again, I like the description in the above except.

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      Comment on Serving the Amish Winner & Excerpt (November 2nd, 2014 at 01:31)

      Shom thank you for sharing this. I hope your healing continues. I happened to see a deer running across our front yard the morning my father died. It struck me as very unusual, I knew they were about, but I had never seen one in that particular area. I wish I had more belief in signs like these, I think it would be comforting.

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