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    Comment on Biblical sheep and rent-a-goats (October 18th, 2007 at 15:25)

    Hey, I happen to like goats! LOL! Not so sure about goat america though think i prefer amish america thank you! That was some interesting info on the jacob’s sheep. Thanks

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    Comment on Biblical sheep and rent-a-goats (October 18th, 2007 at 17:40)

    If your still in Holmes County, Hershberger Produce on SR 557 just south of SR39 has a few of these Jacobs sheep. They also have a zonkey out back. OK 🙂 I was told it was a cross between a donkey and a zebra. I cannot verify that, but it sure looks like it. Hershbergers have quite the little petting zoo there, and it sure attracts attention. Even my Amish taxi customers would gawk while I drove them past the place.

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    Comment on Biblical sheep and rent-a-goats (October 18th, 2007 at 22:55)

    Back in the days when we had goats, I was telling our pastor about some of their escapades. He said, “Now do you see why the goats go to the left?” But we had sheep, too. (Not like the Jacobs sheep, though.) It wasn’t long before I told him, “I think they should all go to the left.”

    (You have to know your Biblical allusions to follow that.)

    I kind of miss them, though. At least I get to see them when riding through Amish country or (now) looking at your blog.

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    Comment on Biblical sheep and rent-a-goats (October 19th, 2007 at 04:18)

    Back when I used to spin I had access to Jabob fleeces. It spins a nice varigated yarn.

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    Comment on Biblical sheep and rent-a-goats (October 19th, 2007 at 05:19)

    Now back to our regularly scheduled programming 😉

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    Comment on Baked goods at the Hershberger Truck Patch in Holmes County, Ohio (October 20th, 2007 at 01:31)

    Baked goods at the Hershberger Truck Patch in Holmes County, Ohio

    Mike the Hershberger Truck Patch (do you know why is it called Truck Patch anyway?) is one of my favorite stops–great baked goods, free coffee! I saw some of their goats one of my last times there but just didn’t have my eye out for the Jacob sheep. And missed the zonkey!

    John I have an inkling but think I’m missing the allusion…don’t tell me it’s something really obvious I should know!

    missymess you have skills which I lack…I wonder if that was expensive on account of them apparently being so rare

    Regularly scheduled programming! so we’ll stick with amish I guess…

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    Comment on Biblical sheep and rent-a-goats (October 20th, 2007 at 22:04)

    It’s in Matthew 25. At the last judgment, the goats go to the left (to the bad place) and the sheep to the right. Except that now that I’ve raised both sheep and goats, I say both should go to the left. (At least when they break down fences and get into things they shouldn’t.)

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    Comment on Goats considered bad animals in Scripture? (October 21st, 2007 at 01:37)

    Goats considered bad animals in Scripture?

    Ha! They both seem like they could be mischievous ornery beasts. If I were a full-time country dweller I’m sure I would try out goats at least, one of the smaller varieties–they seem like pretty cool pets.

    Matthew 25–I re-read it–this is one of the most well known passages of course–the judgment is what you remember but the sheep and goat detail is sort of stuck in there and honestly I did not remember it…but I wonder why goats got such a bad rap? After all, you can’t shear them, but they do give milk and meat…I wonder if they were considered ‘bad’ animals for some reason in Biblical times?

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    Comment on Biblical sheep and rent-a-goats (October 21st, 2007 at 20:05)

    I have long wondered what made the goats the symbols for those who go to the left. (BTW, I believe some -are- sheared for wool, though most are not.) Maybe it would help if we knew just what varieties of sheep and goats were in use at the time of Jesus.

    BTW, I’ve posted about the Nappanee tornado and an Amish-Mennonite puzzler over at spokesrider. There seem to be quite a variety of Amish/Mennonite groups in Elkhart county.

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    Comment on Biblical sheep and rent-a-goats (September 28th, 2009 at 20:31)

    I know I’m posting this nearly 2 years after the other posters, but I have to tell this story:

    I live in a two-story apartment. There are 4 of them in my building, small fenced patios in the rear of each. Beyond the fence is an abandoned field. A few years ago, a nice college-age boy lived in the apartment next door to me. Late one night I heard a *bump* followed by “Ow! (mutter mutter mutter)” I ignored it thinking, “He’s a nice kid. Just live and let live.” But I heard it several more times. Then I realized the verbal comments were coming from out back. I had to investigate. I couldn’t see much from my sliding glass patio door so I looked out from my second-story bathroom window. My neighbor had apparently locked himself out of his apartment and was trying to climb his back fence to get in through his glass door. What he didn’t know was that the field’s owner had put a billy goat there to crop the dead grass short. The goat would back up and, each time my poor neighbor tried to hike one of his leg up to climb the fence, the goat would give him a good butt in his posterior, *bumping* him into the fence. My young, tall, broad-shouldered, athletic neighbor was so humiliated, by a goat! It was painful for my neighbor, but it was also so funny I sorta felt like I should pay the goat for the yuks.

    But Jesus is right. They should definitely go left. Hehehe.

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