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    Amish girl – Rebecca
    Comment on Youth Experiences (May 8th, 2015 at 12:31)

    Youth Experiences

    Here in Holmes among the various groups of ” singing youngie ” we have volleyball games on Fri. nights. During the winter we have other activities, such as caroling, game night, knotting comforters for relief missions, benefit auctions,etc. On Sunday nights we gather around 5:30 and have supper, then hymn singing till 8:30.We sing some German & some English. Then after a period of visiting we head home.A boy with a girlfriend will take her home, then visit for a little while before heading home.There is no bed-courtship ! Thank God. We would consider this very inappropriate. Youth standards in our groups are much higher than 40 yrs. ago or so , for which we praise God.

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