We have another nice batch of photos today from Tom in NY, though I hesitated to post them at first.  Not because they are controversial, but because the weather depicted in them is so different from what I have been enjoying the past few days–a perfect 70-75 degrees and sunny as anything.  But in the end I’m hardly superstitious, so why not.

Amish Farm Romulus NY

Tom took these shots in the Romulus NY Amish settlement about a week ago.  The Romulus community (in Seneca County in New York’s Finger Lakes region) was founded in the early 1980s and according to the 2012 Raber’s Almanac guide is 4 congregations in size.

Amish Home Seneca NY

Tom says:  “This settlement is more progressive than Conewango and you can see the difference in the farms and homes.  These farms are more the post card Amish farms to see.  The conservative settlements have a more run down, unkept look to them.”

Amish School Seneca County

Looks like flowers and produce are rolling out in Seneca County, with onions and asparagus leading the charge:

Amish Onions



Amish Greenhouse New York

Peachey Produce New York
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