Many Amish like to keep goats.

Goats make nice pets.  Some Amish raise goats to sell the meat.  A few I met in northern Indiana sell them to Mexican and Arabic clientele, for example.  Apparently goat’s meat is big in traditional Mexican and Arabic cooking.

The Amish around Kalona, Iowa, like to milk them.

A goat can make a great grass trimmer.  Chain to the stake, move periodically, and you have a radial mower of sorts.

I’m really no expert on goats.  But goats do seem to come in all shapes and sizes.  And varieties.  The weird eyes, horns, a cry that can sound like a human baby screaming, and of course, the goatee–it really is an odd beast.

These were about the weirdest I’d ever seen, however.  I took this photo in the Amish community around New Wilmington, Pennsylvania.  Anyone have any idea what’s going on with the horns here?


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