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    5 Fast-Growing Amish Settlements Kenton Yay Kenton! *laughs* Nearly all my family’s from Kenton, so it’s nice to see the settlement there is doing so well. For a long time I believe it was only 2 districts. Thank you for the information! …

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    Amish Birthing Centers I wonder how one *becomes* a midwife, either licensed or unlicensed, in the state of Ohio. I’d think it’d require a lot of education! …

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    The Amish Scooter Scooters I remember when I turned about 6, getting a brand new red scooter for my birthday. It had the smaller wheels, about 10″ or so, but could really get it going, even on a flat surface. I learned how to …

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    Kentucky Amish Buggy Accident drunk drivers I personally am sick and tired of drunk drivers being regarded as “oh, it’s something everyone does from time to time.” No. No, it’s not. It’s very dangerous, incredibly selfish, and I am always amazed to hear about drivers who’ve …

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    Submit your Amish questions Questions! I thought of a couple to add ( sorry Erik! *grins* ). * What is the autism rate among Amish children? Is it comparable to that among Englisch populations? * Do you think any Amish person would ever use any …

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