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    3-book giveaway and Q-and-A with authors of The Amish Fascinasion I have always read about the Amish, I mush admire their lifestyle and
    ability to sustain themselves.

    I also admire the hand work they do especially the quilts, for sale or for their own use.

    A visit to Shipshewana some years ago,staying in …

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    Amish: A Secret Life on BBC We watched this film it was very interesting, I did wonder how the family go on after the programme was screened? I guess that the community will know about it now.

    I have to commend their bravery allowing the camears to …

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    An Amish Greenhouse What wonderful pictures, such healthy looking flowers. We have a herbaceous border we keep at the back of our apartment, its looking quite good just now. We also grow our own vegetables……A lot of the veg is raised from seed, …

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    Amish Dolls I have an Amish lady doll who sits on a shelf in my sewing/guest room. My eldest daughter thinks she is weird because she does not have a face, but I love her, she is holding as basket of scrap …

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    Strasburg, PA Photo Riding shotgun? …

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