As I expected, some folks were not too excited about my take on 'puppy mills' in yesterday's post, which is fine.  I thought I'd explore the issue a little further and have pasted a comment I made on that post here below:

I think my main point here is that every Amish breeder is not a 'puppy miller'…just because it's an Amish-raised dog doesn't mean it was treated like garbage. Personally, I love dogs, pugs are my favorite, etc. and I hate to think of any animal being treated poorly (both cute and non-cute animals, pets and livestock). But I just think that people latch on to a relatively low number of stories and suddenly every Amish breeder becomes a 'puppy miller'. Perhaps my impression is wrong on that. Of course it may depend on how you define the term 'puppy mill' as well.

The other thing is that it is interesting to me how certain animals have higher emotional value than others. Pets are even considered 'family members' by some, or something close to that, and therefore rank differently than an animal we eat, even though both feel pain, discomfort, etc. If we look at all animal life as being equal, we should be equally upset about poorly treated cows and chickens and so on.

There is a gradation of value regarding animal life, and puppies, dogs and other pets sit atop that pyramid.

And sometimes with certain people it even seems animal life becomes more valuable than human life. In my opinion that is unfortunate.

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