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    Hi, Amish America. I lived on a farm owned by a caste brahminical family from India for three years. I know, I know. Brahmins aren’t farmers, Vaishyas are. They owned the farm, but we worked it for them. Long story. Anyway, cows and cow products have been part of Vedic Indian culture since time out of mind. Indians do culinary things with milk we westerners don’t even dream of.

    These Indians had a herd of Brown Swiss on the farm and they (and we) used the milk regularly. One of the Vedic customs the family insisted we follow was that all milk to be consumed had to be brought to a boil so that it would foam and rise, then it was removed from the burner to allow it to drop down. This boil/rise/drop process was repeated two more times before the milk was considered fit to drink. Since most of India, even today, doesn’t have refrigeration and given the fact that cows can pass tuberculosis through their milk, I’m thinking Indian culture is onto something here. 😉

    And the milk was still fanflippingtastic. So rich you could mistake the milk for cream. After moving on from the farm, I would drink a gallon of milk at breakfast and again at lunch. No kidding!

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