It’s become a near-weekly thing to hear from our Empire State correspondent Tom about some Amish corner of New York.   This week he checks in with photos of an Amish relief auction in New York’s Conewango Valley, the most heavily-settled Amish area in the state.

The auction took place in Cherry Creek, NY.

Amish Relief Auction

Below, the livestock barn.

Conewango NY Amish Auction
Amish quilts are a big seller.

Amish Quilt Auction

Amish Quilt Sale
New York Auction Amish Quilts

Amish furniture too.

Amish Furniture Auction

Amish Outdoor Furniture Auction

Hungry-looking machinery:

Farm Equipment Amish Auction

The buggy section.  New Amish wheels for sale:

New Buggy Amish Auction

Amish parking zone:

Amish Auction Horse Parking

Amish Parking New York Auction

Saving the best, or rather sweetest, for last:  gas-powered ice cream makers.  Says Tom: “I had to try some.”

Gas Powered Ice Cream Maker


Amish-made cheese

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