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    Kentucky Amish Jailed What a dumbass you are!!! An absolute moron! Gee, the Amish were here first! Da! Before roads, before cars, before headlights….What a dumbass! …

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    Osiah Horst on Old Order Mennonites A Chance to Win! Hi, this is Shawn, and I would really like a chance to win this book. I’m actually thinking about starting up a new Amish/Mennonite-type of group, here in Santa Cruz, California. I’m wondering if the Lord wants me …

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    Hot horses and Amish animal cruelty Biblically speaking… Well, the Bible says that righteous people treat their beasts well, while even the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel. Since my recent trip to Amish country (New Wilmington), I’ve come to discover that the Amish, are like …

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    Halloween Questions Halloween Well for me, the worst Halloween candy I ever got were those drab-colored wafer things, discs…I think they come from Britain or somewhere. So disgusting! As for the Amish not celebrating Halloween, or any other religion not celebrating …

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    Inside an Amish harness shop Harness Shop This looks more modern than my friend in New Wilmington’s Harness Shop. Theirs is in a barn. But it still has lots of bridles and stuff. …

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