5 responses to Michigan Man Starts “Amish Uber” Buggy Service
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    Comment on Michigan Man Starts “Amish Uber” Buggy Service (August 6th, 2018 at 23:34)

    It’s pretty similar to other buggy ride services around, but with one difference: he rides around looking for customers rather than operating a horse and buggy ride business from his barn. Not sure what the reason for the media attention is on this particular case. It’s hardly even an Uber service since he doesn’t use any app. It more like a traditional NY yellow taxi service where a potential customer seeking a taxi waves at it for a ride.

    I know Michigan churches are considered the most liberal of all Old Orders, but I still don’t think they would be using apps for horse and buggy rides. I wonder how that would work though. Buggies are slow so calling for a ride wouldn’t be something that would be practical or do. Horse and buggy rides are great, especially as an experience.

    • It seems like a novelty experience for local English people or visitors to the area. I think you do point out the main difference, that you get a ride by flagging him down rather than going to a buggy ride business location. I wonder if Uber is going to raise any eyebrows at him using the name. I would think this would only be positive publicity for them. Over the past several days the story has been picked up by a lot of media outlets including internationally.

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    Comment on Uber Driver (August 8th, 2018 at 10:05)

    Uber Driver

    I think it is wonderful, just as long as he has a warning triangle on the back of his buggy to warn vehicles of slow moving buggy. There has been to many buggy accidents. But Uber rides are got.

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    Walter Boomsma
    Comment on Another example... (August 9th, 2018 at 08:05)

    Another example...

    This might be another example of how the Amish are disciplined in adapting or not adapting technology. I see the basic Uber concept in action here without the technology. Kinda creative, really. How great it would be to visit an area and flag down a buggy at $5 a pop. I would use it when we visit the Lancaster area. Unfortunately, it’s probably only a matter of time before Uber or some taxi service objects.

  • This writer for the Guardian today also thinks it’s good marketing:


    “Regardless of whether the new venture is a prank or not (and it really could be) I still say: good for him. Premeditated or not, Hochstedler has stumbled on a marketing tactic that always has a decent chance of succeeding: just come up with a product or service that’s comparable to another well-known brand, create a similar name (be careful!) and hope people either confuse your product for the real thing or are so amused by your ingenuity that they buy from you anyway.”

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