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    Comment on red (June 2nd, 2017 at 13:31)


    Red is also the first color the human eye stops seeing in low lighting. And red-green color blindness is very common. I’m not sure how such people do with orange, since it’s similar to red but not quite the same, but I’d venture to guess that may have been a factor in choosing orange in the first place. Personally, for these reasons, I’m disappointed in this outcome. I can understand and respect the belief in not wanting to stand out etc, but sometimes I really can’t understand risking lives – not only your own but others’ – for the sake of it.

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      Comment on red (June 2nd, 2017 at 13:39)


      To expound, I’m reminded of a game I once played, called Coup, based on a native American game. A bit like Capture the Flag. We split into 2 teams. Each team had a flag planted somewhere and had to get the other team’s flag before they got yours. It was natural terrain – woods, fields, streams, etc. And we had to sneak past each other. Most people wore natural colors. I wore my boyfriend’s camouflage fatigues. But the clever one was the lady who wore red. We thought it was silly until dusk came and we went to start the game and realized she was far more invisible than those of us in camouflage, even. So I guess I’m glad they added “bright” to this bill, but it still makes me very nervous.

      • That’s fascinating, JM. I did not know that happens with the color red.

        I wonder if anyone involved in this case thought to test visibility while wearing red, or if the thinking was closer to “it’s the closest color to orange and less gaudy so let’s go with that.” Or maybe the “bright” language helps here, but true, what qualifies as bright..?

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    Comment on Nobody's business. (June 5th, 2017 at 02:55)

    Nobody's business.

    What color of clothing I choose to wear when hunting is my business and certainly not the business of psychopaths in government. I could choose to wear camo to hunt in, and it is the duty, and the only legitimate purpose of government to support, and to protect my right to do that, even if it may be a stupid choice. The purpose of government is to protect rights. Not to be my mommy, and to try and keep me from making poor decisions.

    Perhaps if Americans actually read, and understood the founding documents, we would not even be having this discussion because we most certainly would not even have hunting licenses or hunting seasons….neither of these “laws” have anything to do with protecting my rights.

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      Comment on Comment to Joe T (June 5th, 2017 at 08:51)

      Comment to Joe T


      While I believe I understand what you’re saying… Let’s say everyone chooses to ignore the safety regulation of wearing orange/red. Can you imagine what the person that shoots and kills you will go through because he couldn’t see you – or vice-versa?

      They used to say the 70s were the “Me” generation. Sadly, I think we’ve become and even bigger (read: selfish) Me generation than ever before.

      ~ C ~

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