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    Comment on Lehman’s on Amish Wisdom radio today (March 18th, 2010 at 21:38)

    Been there. Interesting place, if you have a lot of $$. 🙂
    If you get up to Martindale while your in Lancaster, look up Sensenig’s Hardware. Interesting OO Mennonite place. The sign says “You can find it here.”
    Well, if you know where to look amongst hardware, second-hand tools, and who-knows-what-else-surprises, yes, you might just find it!
    Good ol’ down-home business, where you feel at home.

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    Comment on Lehman’s on Amish Wisdom radio today (September 12th, 2013 at 11:34)

    “Shop Where the Amish Shop From the Comfort of Your Couch” is the title of a 9-10-2013 article by Paula Bolyard about Lehman’s. The 9-minute video accompanying the blog article says Lehman’s uses high-tech to sell low-tech to customers all over the world. The second video mentions people-powered tools. Curious and nostalgic folks shop at Lehman’s in Ohio. Remote missionaries and homesteaders living off the grid enjoy buying non-electric items from Lehman’s. Manure tea made with burlap bags is mentioned; I would guess that would be for the plants.


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