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    Amish Auctions – July 2014 At the annual Mission Valley School Auction in St. Ignatius, Montana, Lorene Yoder’s Mayflower quilt sold for $1,150.
    Six photos, including one of a Moon Glow quilt, accompany the article, “Quilts hot item at Amish school auction” …

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    New from Donald Kraybill: Renegade Amish At first, when I saw the title of this post, I thought it was going to be about the DIY show, Amish RENOgades!

    Bergholz Barbers fits together nicely! …

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    Amish Furniture – Kentucky LuxCraft gazebos Bill, I thought you might be interested in this brochure, because it has pictures and line drawings of LuxCraft gazebos, and options to think about when ordering, even though Amish Swings and Things is located in Grafton, Ohio, and has …

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    This is what a $9,861 Amish buggy looks like Buggy wheels Don’t all buggies and carriages have wheels? Why would it be an interesting extra option for Wood Wheels with 3/4″ Rubber? Maybe the standard is fiberglass wheels? Or wood wheels with a steel rim? …

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    What happened to Sugarcreek? Beachy’s Country Chalet Beachy’s Country Chalet in Sugarcreek is featured in an article titled, “Beachy’s features blend of Amish, Swiss cuisines.”
    “The restaurant serves Amish-style food along with Swiss dishes.”
    “Each morning, Beachy picks up his Amish employees and brings them to the restaurant …

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