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    Melissa M.
    Comment on Cute (September 10th, 2015 at 10:29)


    I read with rapt attention to his story and had to read the surprise ending a couple of times before I caught on. I hope this story gets told more than once!

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    Comment on Oh, the shenanigans! (September 10th, 2015 at 14:36)

    Oh, the shenanigans!

    I am amused by this story. Teenagers will test boundaries no matter what culture they live in. A friend who was raised Amish told about her brothers getting in trouble for hiding radios. They later discovered their dad hid a small one so he could listen to ball games! Maybe dad got the idea from his boys…

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    Comment on Not the children's fault (September 10th, 2015 at 21:13)

    Not the children's fault

    This is obviously a case where the parents really did not have the values of the brotherhood in their heart. The radio thing shows the same thing. That is why so many of the Amish youth do stupid things in their teenage years. They are just imitating the values that their parents secretly have.
    I just hauled four Amish girls the other day. They attended a benefit auction. They had a prayer meeting while there with another man and his wife. They spend their days teaching school, all four of them, probably making peanuts in wages but happy to serve the community. They shook their heads in sadness and disgust at the boys “hanging out” at the feed mill when we drove past, and one said, “I wonder how fulfilling their evening was?”
    It’s too bad that people only see the tire-peeling boys, but not the praying girls (and boys).
    But it all goes back to the parents who have a form of religion, but do not have their heart in it. The children catch on and reflect the values the parents taught them.

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    Jim Cates
    Comment on Not the Children's Fault (September 11th, 2015 at 00:08)

    Not the Children's Fault

    There may be some truth in what you say, but I can speak to my own example. My dad is a Baptist minister, and he and my mother raised me with strong Christian beliefs that are important to me to this day. And when I was a teen? Well – suffice to say, I didn’t learn most of the negative behaviors I pulled from my parents. What I did learn from them was that ultimately I am responsible for my own behavior, and that was the lesson that brought me around to a (more) mature way of living. It seems in so many families, there are one or two kids who have to “prove” their independence by rebelling against the family values. And at some point, when they are older, those better values that they were taught and they can’t quite run away from, no matter how hard they try, make them prodigal sons who return and settle down to live quieter lives than they were living. At least, I know I did. That said, sadly I do have to agree that kids are much more perceptive about our real values as parents than we ever give them credit for being. I agree with you 100% there!

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