I learned yesterday that the latest edition of the Journal of Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies is now available.

JAPAS LogoThis is a free online journal featuring scholarly articles and book reviews on the Amish, Old Order Mennonites and other Plain Anabaptist groups. Read an interview with editor Cory Anderson here.

Previous readers may have been wondering when the latest issue would appear. This one is labeled Autumn 2014, though it arrives a bit later than the last autumn edition.

Volume 2, Issue 2 Contents

Of this issue’s six pieces, three cover Old Order Amish-related topics. I’ve gotten to two so far.

One is on how new church district lines are decided in Holmes County, Ohio. The second is a symposium review of The Amish, which includes the authors’ responses.

The next one I’ll read is on Amish and Plain Anabaptist communities in Kentucky.

The other three articles are on Old Colony Mennonite digital technology usage, child weight and feeding patterns in an Old Order Mennonite community, and on conservative Mennonite storybooks and “evangelical separatism”.

Here are the six articles’ titles and authors:

Old Colony Mennonites and Digital Technology Usage
Turner, Kira pp. 165-185

Amish Church District Fissioning and Watershed Boundaries among Holmes County, Ohio, Amish
Long, Scot E.; Moore, Richard pp. 186-202

Child Weight and Feeding Patterns in an Old Order Mennonite Community
Garrett-Wright, Dawn; Main, M. Eve; Jones, M. Susan pp. 203-214

The Growth of Amish and Plain Anabaptist Communities in Kentucky
Donnermeyer, Joseph; Anderson, Cory pp. 215-244

Conservative Mennonite Storybooks and the Construction of Evangelical Separatism
Anderson, Jennifer; Anderson, Cory pp. 245-277

Symposium Review of “The Amish” by Donald Kraybill, Karen Johnson-Weiner, and Steven Nolt
Bogden, Megan; Reschly, Steven; Zeller, Benjamin; Coletti, Tom; Kraybill, Donald; Johnson-Weiner, Karen; Nolt, Steven pp. 278-302

An announcements section at the end tells us that the next issue (Spring 2015) will have a special focus on Plain Anabaptist education, in addition to other topics.

There is also info on an upcoming symposium on Plain Anabaptists in July, at Leuphana University in Lüneburg, Germany.

Access the latest issue of JAPAS in full here.