We’ve gradually been building this out over the past couple of years, and though it is not yet complete, I think it’s complete enough to launch. Look up and you’ll see the “Amish Business Directory” link which is now a part of the top menu.

Amish Farm Egg BusinessIn it you’ll find listings of both Amish-owned businesses and companies selling Amish products, including:

…and more.

Businesses are organized by category and state.   You’ll find hundreds of companies from across North America.

I’m excited about this because business requests are some of the most common inquiries we get. So I hope this will be useful.

Amish Construction Labor*One favor*: If you know of a business we missed, please help us out by adding it in the comments on the appropriate page.

By no means do we have everyone listed here. But we’ve done our best to get this off to a good start, using sources including online listings and Amish publications.

In the coming weeks and months we’ll be adding more categories, including harness shops, fabrics sellers, Amish grocery stores, and more.

Amish eggs sign: Ardyiii/flickr; Amish labor: The Stakhanovite Twins/flickr

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