How do Amish folks maintain such a calm demeanor?  Well, while poking around my friend’s library, I think I came across the secret.  Attitude Adjustors:

attitude adjustors amish remedy

This innocent box just happened to be lying there on the shelf (within easy reach of a work desk, a stack of bills and other scary-looking papers, I might add).

It seems Attitude Adjustors come standard in Amish homes.  The best part:  Attitude Adjustors work on ages 4 to 104 (and nevermind the menacing “FOR ADULT USE ONLY” warning on the box.  They’re perfectly safe for children).

attitude adjustors box

Attitudes get out of whack.  Such is life.  No matter your creed, color or culture.  So this is a remedy no home should be without.  Just what’s inside the box, you might be wondering?

attitude adjustors amish candy

As you can see, Attitude Adjustors come in butterscotch, cinnamon, and all manner of tasty flavors.  My friend says he doesn’t need Attitude Adjustors too often, but when he needs them, he needs them.  Hear, hear.  Looks like he’s about due for a fresh box.

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