An Amish family in Lagrange County, Indiana is hoping for answers after their horse was killed in a drive-by shooting incident last week.  From

It was a regular morning for the Miller family as they were heading outside to do their chores– that is until one of the children noticed something unusual.

“I was putting on my socks and all of a sudden I saw that the car wasn’t going to go past, and I kind of stood up and went over to the window and then the car or whatever shot two times and the horses started running to the barn,” said Jerry Miller.

It was later that morning before the family found out what really happened. Their 15-year-old horse, Lady, who was grazing in their pasture across the street was hit by one of the bullets.

Owners Jerry and Elizabeth Miller say their veterinarian did surgery on the horse but later decided to put her to sleep. Now, the family are worried it could happen again.

Lady was the main horse the Miller family used for traveling long distances. Like a favorite dog or any other animal people spend a lot of time with, a reliable, trusted driving horse can feel a little like a member of the family.

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We have similar attacks before against Amish people and their animals–nearby in the Nappanee settlement, as well as in the Lancaster County community.

Replacing Lady will cost about $3,000. More costly will be the unease which the family and community will now have to live with, knowing there is someone in their midst willing to use firearms to kill their animals.

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