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    Comment on Ed's Ice House (March 6th, 2015 at 08:52)

    Ed's Ice House

    When our son Ed decided to build his ice house, it seemed to us as if it was one important step for him to prove to his community that he could “do” this new life. His ice house went in a year after he built his house and he seemed equally proud of both. We visited him about 9 months after he built it and filled it with ice. When he described how they cut the ice and pulled it out of the frozen lake, we thought this was (once again) something we might have been better NOT to hear about! As a mom (all you moms out there will understand) it’s easy to imagine the worst; someone falls through the opening and is lost under the ice. I’ve slowly gotten used to the idea, but must admit it was a source of anxiety for me for the first couple years.

    I don’t think they plan this day as a frolic, but I’ll ask him about it in the next letter. My guess is that it’s just too cold to expect any of the women/girls to get out to help. I think they usually do this in late January, and in NW Minnesota the temps are usually well below zero, with extreme wind chills due to the usual high winds.

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      Comment on Ice cutting hazards (March 6th, 2015 at 12:02)

      Ice cutting hazards

      We’ve done 3 or 4 posts on this topic, and I still haven’t figured out how they keep from falling in…seems like it would happen (and I guess, tragically, it sometimes does: http://amishamerica.com/amish-teen-drowns-cutting-ice/ ).

      I guess you make sure the ice is thick enough and have something grippy on your shoes as noted in the Ohio article. I’d love to lend a hand at one of these, though I’m halfway serious when I say I might put on a lifevest. Can’t imagine the shock your body must endure falling into such frigid water.

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    Andy White
    Comment on This is so very interesting (March 6th, 2015 at 12:30)

    This is so very interesting

    Never a dull moment Eric! This really looks like fun! I can imagine why it was a festive time. Thanks again for unexpected blessings here on Amish America!

    • Andy thank you, and I have to hand off your thanks straight to Karen. I have so much enjoyed the stories and insights into Amish life in NY and in general that she’s been sharing here.

      This ice harvesting does seem like a nice time, doesn’t it? It’s more appealing to me because I don’t do nearly as much outdoor work as I’d like to. That and the fried pies and donuts must be the cherry on top to what is no doubt a chilly but rewarding work day.

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