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    Thomas Warner
    Comment on Differences in Amish and Mennonites (March 18th, 2015 at 08:08)

    Differences in Amish and Mennonites

    Even this website confuses people who are attempting to live with the various orders and church groups. It is impossible to make a statement such as the Amish use these things such as linoleum on the floors. It depends on the order for instance old order Amish and the different church groups within the order for each may have a different ordnung. Then add the Mennonites and you have a vast number of combinations. And they are changing constantly as the orders and groups are redefining themselves due to changing conditions. Remember the church groups numbering normally up to 35 families twice a year vote on their or dungs and those that do not agreed on one or more of them either conform or move to a new church group that they can agree with. I see that happening here in northern NY as many of the more conservative groups are coming here, especially the Old Order Amish and Swartzentruber Amish. But in any case they are all hard workers. A Comment was made about the large rooms in the homes and that is because in all rhe Amish groups church is held in a different families home every two weeks for up to 35 or so families.

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