Michigan Mary attended the Horse Progress Days event this past weekend, held at Clare, Michigan (home to a small Amish community).

Horse Progress Days bills itself as “the showcase event for newly manufactured and modified horse drawn equipment”. This annual event started in 1994 in Lancaster County and rotates among locations including Pennsylvania, Michigan, southern and northern Indiana, and Illinois (here’s more on the history of the event).

If you thought there was nothing new to be seen in horse-drawn equipment, think again.

Last summer I visited friends at Pioneer Equipment in Wayne County, Ohio (you can partially see their sign in one of the photos below).  They showed off a couple of new items they had developed, including an adaptable, family-friendly people hauler design. They are constantly innovating and testing new products to serve their large market, as are other horse-drawn equipment makers, such as White Horse Machine in Lancaster County (another of the large ones).

Horse Progress Days is a chance to see field demonstrations, attend seminars, and even go on a bus tour of local Amish businesses.  Thousands attend Horse Progress Days, though from what another reader tells me, the Pennsylvania event is a lot bigger than the Michigan one.

Mary has a lot of really nice shots here.  This is the first batch.  Since she sent me so many good ones I’ll be posting more later this week.

Has anyone else attended a Horse Progress Days event?  Looks like a lot of fun, even if you’re not a “horse person”.

Amish Horse Exhibition

Horse Progress Days Clare Michigan

Horse Progress Days Orange Wagon

Horse Progress Days

Amish Horse Show

Horse Progress Days Pioneer Equipment

Amish Horse Drawn Equipment

Horse Progress Days Three Horses

Amish Horse Sled

Horse Progress Days Michigan


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