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    Comment on Holmes County Road 77 (January 17th, 2011 at 22:16)

    Marcus Yoder, it strikes me that you know quite a bit about your family’s heritage, and I think that is wonderful. I wish I knew more about my family’s heritage. Do Mennonite Heritage Centres have archives and different resources you and families can use to research their pasts?

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    Judith Freeman
    Comment on Holmes County Road 77 (January 17th, 2011 at 23:16)

    I was excited to read the title of your article as we go to Holmes County every year for a vacation and I love riding down Hwy 77. It is a beautiful ride and we’ve been to most of the places you mentioned in the article.
    I’ve often wondered why the speed limit isn’t slower on the roads in Holmes County as there are so many hills and curves. Our friends’ daughter was killed about 4 years ago when the pony cart she and her sister were riding in was hit from behind by a man driving too fast.

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    Marcus Yoder
    Comment on Holmes County Road 77 (January 18th, 2011 at 06:47)

    Shom after my father died in 2003 I found out he had my g grandfather’s German Bible. In it I found letter’s newspaper articles post cards,and other things.I had alway’s heard about my grandfather leaving holmes county to go to Illinois.After looking at this German Bible,I tried to find someone to translate the names,and words in the family register.About the same time I became A member of Swiss Antibaptist Genealog Society,A very great source for Amish and Mennonite geneaolgy.I looked up my ancestors, and finaly with the help of one of my Amish cousin’s was able to figure out names by birth and death dates.I also purchased A book cemetery directory of the Amish community in eastern holmes and adjoining counties in Ohio. With this book I found some of my wife’s and my ancestor’s grave’s. From there I did A lot of google. There is A yodernewsletter on the internet that helped. I did belong to ancestry.com,but but had to cancel it.I do landscape so in the winter I have more time to do research. I have made 3 trip’s to Holmes county area since 2009 to find and visit Amish cemeteries.Marcus Yoder London,Ohio

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    Comment on Holmes County Road 77 (January 19th, 2011 at 18:12)

    The earlier question about football is one we get often around here. It is true, it is generally considered too violent by the Amish, although I know many who love to watch and you will sometimes see the younger fellows hanging around the field fence on Friday nights watching. As someone mentioned earlier, Hiland in Berlin does not have a football team – but they do have a very aggressive soccer team! AS well as other sports. Hiland very much has a reputation in the area as being extremely serious and aggressive in all of their sports, and it is often an issue with other schools about how they run their team’s programs. There have even been complaints to the state’s athletic commission. The Mennonite influence of always doing your best to achieve/perfectionism is very strong there; I often hear comments from more conservative Mennonite friends that they are not showing “humility” in play. Not that I agree. But it is very interesting to listen to as a non-Mennonite resident of the area.

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    Comment on children (March 11th, 2017 at 15:24)


    why do the amish have so many children, who decides the stopping of being pregnant

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