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    Andrea Ballard
    Comment on Pennsylvania Dutch history in Kentucky (December 8th, 2015 at 05:02)

    Pennsylvania Dutch history in Kentucky

    I was a little disturbed by the comment that “the first Amish community in Kentucky was established in the 1950’s”. Some of my ancestors, specificly The Boyer (Beier, Byer, Baer, Beyer) and Lemmon (Lehman, Lemon, Lemmen) families settled in Harrison County, Kentucky as early as the 1790’s. Both of these families came here from Pennsylvania and had lived in the Adams County and Lancaster County areas. The Patriarchs of both families were originally from Germany and immigrated to America somewhere between 1755 and 1775. Can you clarify for me why you think the Pennsylvania Dutch did not come to Kentucky until 1950?

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      Comment on History (December 9th, 2015 at 05:35)

      Hi Andrea, interesting to hear about your ancestors. In answer to your question, “Amish” and “Pennsylvania Dutch” are not synonyms.

      Amish are considered Pennsylvania Dutch but there are many others that are/were considered PA Dutch but not Amish–including Mennonites, Lutheran and Reformed. That may very well be the case with your relatives. There is only one name I immediately recognize as belonging to Amish (Lehman) among those you list, and of course there are and were non-Amish Lehmans.

      Here’s an interview we did with Dr. Rob Reynolds, an expert on PA German/PA Dutch society, where you’ll find more on the topic that might be of interest (one quote from Dr. Reynolds: “The vast majority of Pennsylvania Germans were Lutheran and Reformed church members.”)


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