9 responses to Friday brain dump: Lone Star Amish, getting hitched, and an Illinois buggy “brew-thru”
  • Very interesting Erik and I will definitely “like” you on my facebook. Love reading all the stories, interviews and articles. I have not made it down to Arthur yet as I have been having a problem with my blood pressure. But it turns out that might be a good thing because when I do go down I can find that coffee shop, LOL.

  • Thanks you Alice, hope you feel well soon and get a good trip in, and let us know how the coffee is 🙂

  • You are most welcome Erik!! I certainly will let you know about the coffee once I get down there. Maybe Tuesday for my birthday if the doctor gives me the go ahead. Seems I feel worse since she put me on the BP meds than I felt before.

  • This coffee snob will definitely have to try Roselen’s Coffee if we are ever up that way. I broke down and tried one of McD’s speciality drinks today. (Only because I was desperate in the boonies.) Not too bad, for a fast food place. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your brain dumps.

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    Comment on Friday brain dump: Lone Star Amish, getting hitched, and an Illinois buggy “brew-thru” (November 20th, 2010 at 00:19)

    Remind me, do Amish carriages have coffee cup holders?

    I like the clip of the couple prepping for a wedding. I like the idea of having the relatives close by, not just the two parts of the bridal party at a central table separate from the two families.

  • Kim, glad you don’t mind my brain dumps!

    SHOM, as far as I know, generally no. But you never can be sure enough to say “never”.

    If you are interested here is a post on buggy interiors, showing the “dash” on a couple of buggies: http://amishamerica.com/comparing-big-valley-buggy-dashboards-of-the-byler-renno-and-nebraska-amish/

  • Erik, the coffee was great, the prices awesome too! Had a great day in Arthur yesterday and sent you some pictures this morning. The ladies at Roselen’s were very nice and gave me permission to take some pictures for you. I had a great birthday just spending time in Arthur. Went to Beachy’s and picked up some whole grains so I can make some Ezekiel Bread. Went to Yoder’s for dinner and of course to Roselen’s for Lattes. On the way home we made a stop at the Country Discount Store. So much fun!!

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    Nancy Birch
    Comment on photos (September 8th, 2011 at 11:47)


    I work with Amish who are organic farmers, so know many across the country…I have always been told “no photos” of Amish people. How do you get them to agree to being photographed and interviewed as in the Amish wedding video?

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    Comment on Need a WheelWright (March 19th, 2013 at 10:09)

    Need a WheelWright

    Can someone tell me if there is are any Amish wheelwrights in Texas? I have some woodspoked wheels that i am needing to have rebuilt.


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