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  • Hey Erik,
    Looking forward to reading your book. I think you sold books with my wife…Erin Brooks.

    What a facinating topic…I’ve recently made friends with a beautiful Amish Family that left the farm and lives just outside of Raleigh.

    I think you went to Carolina so let us know if you are in the area.


  • Hi Neal, yes I definitely do remember–great to hear from you. Would love to catch up sometime with you and Erin. Just saw some old friends from those days yesterday, as a matter of fact.

  • Hey Erik,
    Interesting post! Actually my family and I have had dinner at the Shady Maple a few times in the past. Haven’t been there in some time though, the crowds seem to scare us off also. But the food is always amazing, as well as the service. I would definitely tell people to eat there, but get there extra early because the crowds come in droves.

  • Hi Emma, you know, I bet the food must be fantastic. I’ve only really had the take-away desserts like pies and some things from the store. So I’m definitely not knocking it from that aspect–it just seems to be one size too large for me. But I bet if you go at the right time, it is not as big an issue.

  • Well, I think I’ve only really been there once when it wasn’t totally packed. But every other time it was really hard to enjoy the food because of all the people around us. In fact we had to sit in the room in the way way back, in like the last table; which meant that we had to walk past everyone just to get to the food, and I almost spilled my coffee on some guys head. It was definitley an experience for us.

  • I was going to comment on Shady Maple, but then realized that I didn’t have much to say about it that was good. They’re baking is okay though, and at least it provides a central location for all the tourists.

  • I enjoy reading your website. I lived in Delaware for quite a few years not far from Dover. Shady Maple is definitely a unique experience.

  • I appreciate it Jess. Will need to dive in to the full Shady Maple one day just to say I’ve done it!

  • Erik,

    You should try Shady just to say you have. It’s something to be experienced. Food is a little better than OK and it fills me up too quick, but still, you need it for your Lancaster County passport 😉 Go for lunch around 10:45, you won’t have to wait and it’s cheaper.

  • Adrian, you are probably right, I ought to get that stamp. Thanks for giving me the strategy, I’ll have to apply it on my next visit 😉

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    Comment on Shady Maple (May 15th, 2013 at 15:29)

    Shady Maple


    I stumbled across your page just now doing a search to find out about any Amish living in Delaware. I wasn’t aware there was a community by Dover. I live in north Delaware, Hockessin area, literally a short walk from the PA border. My aunt recently moved down to Middletown, which is about a 45 min drive. There is a farmers market by her house with Amish vendors (open Thurs, Fri, Sat). I picked up some delicious and reasonably priced rotisserie style chicken legs there the other week. Anyway, my aunt mentioned that these Amish come all the way down from Lancaster, which I find even more surprising since there is apparently a community even closer. I wonder if this information could have been wrong?

    My family has been going to Shady Maple for years, although it must have been some time since we’d gone, since I had quite a surprise at the size of the new building when we went last year! The menu changes by day, but I noticed Tuesday and Friday nights they have seafood. If you go during the week or at the end of the lunch hour, the crowds aren’t that bad. We went on Mother’s day this year, and by dinner the line was all the way out the door and around the building! I don’t like big crowds much, or over stuffing myself at a buffet, but there’s plenty of delicious food to choose from. Though I was won over last time when they had some delicious coconut shrimp. ..Just.. best to go before the hoards arrive for dinner, though the menu is probably better after 3pm..

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      Comment on Middletown Delaware Amish market (May 16th, 2013 at 09:07)

      Middletown Delaware Amish market

      Melissa yes those are likely Lancaster Amish. It’s actually quite reachable from southern Lancaster County, only about an hour drive which isn’t too bad by market commute standards (some go 1.5-2 hours). I see “Stoltzfus BBQ” is a business name there, which is a Lancaster name. Amish in the sole Delaware community near Dover generally don’t carry the name Stoltzfus and though it is closer I’m not sure how involved the Dover people are in market businesses, while it is quite big for Lancaster people. The market you have in Hockessin also looks like Lancaster people.


      I’ve only been to Shady Maple for breakfast, when it wasn’t nearly so crowded. I tried to take Amish friends there once for dinner, but we were scared off by the crowds.

  • Hockessin?? No, no. That’s where *I* live. Maybe I confused you a bit with too much information?

    I know the drive isn’t that bad from up here.. but to get down to Middletown where this market is, that would add close to to 45 minutes, making the drive between 1.5 – 2 hours, and I heard they come up every morning and go home every afternoon. But if you typically travel by buggy, maybe it’s not that different from any other usual length of commute.

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    Comment on Okay, I see (May 16th, 2013 at 12:30)

    Okay, I see

    It was just this one sentence that threw me off and made me think I had been unclear, “The market you have in Hockessin also looks like Lancaster people.”

    In any case, thank you for your responses!

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