If you’re in the vicinity of Kutztown University in Berks Co, PA next Wednesday, you might enjoy this:

Comparing the Old Orders
Featuring James Weaver & Benuel Riehl
Wednesday, February 22 · 5 p.m.· Academic Forum – Room 200 (signage will be posted)

James Weaver, a member of the Old Order Mennonite community and Benuel Riehl, a member of the Old Order Amish community discuss the similarities and differences between their religious groups. This moderated question and answer session is meant to clarify the common misconceptions that outsiders may have about the Old Order cultures.

Snow date is February 29.

Sponsored by The Pennsylvania German Cultural Club, Rohrbach Library and the late Dr.Arnold Newman, in conjunction with the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center at Kutztown University.

Mennonites St Jacobs

Mennonite buggies at the St. Jacobs, Ontario farmers market

Amish and Old Order Mennonites are neighbors in many places (communities in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ontario to name a few) and have many similarities as well as distinguishing traits.  I’m looking forward to this event which should be a great format for learning more about both groups.

James and Ben I think will both be excellent “cultural guides” for the evening.  I had the pleasure of meeting James last summer and have known Ben for some time. Event moderator Dr. Rob Reynolds is accepting questions for James and Ben, so if you have any that you think would be good let us know and I will pass on the best ones.  My thanks to PA German Cultural Club President Rhonda Miller for the info and invitation to this event.

This also reminds me that we are due for another Amish question-and-answer installment here on the blog, so stay tuned.  And if you make it to Kutztown for the talk, be sure to flag me down and say hello!

Mennonite photo credit: spaceamoeba/flickr


Amish-made cheese

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