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    I am studying second high school in Barcelona and I am doing my final research proyect on the success of the Amish businesses. Also, I have read your book “Success Made Simple” that is helping me a lot to understand how they work.

    I am writing because it would be very important to me that you could answer a few questions, they will not take up much more than 5 minutes and it will be very useful to raise my qualification.

    Thanks for your time and consideration.

    Hope you will answer before next month begins.

    Yours sincerely,



    1.- First of all, what leads you to get interested in the Amish community?

    2.- What was your main purpose in writing this book and what kind of readers do you recommend it to?

    3.- It was easy to interview Amish entrepreneurs? They put any condition?

    4.- Do you think their way of doing business would succeed in Europe at this time?

    5.- In your opinion which you think are the three main keys to success in Amish business?

    6.- What most surprised you during this time?

    7.- And finally, are you planning to do other things related with economy?

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