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    Comment on Balloons (February 5th, 2018 at 15:14)


    What a fun post!! And how very awesome the address was able to be deciphered and the kids were able to be pen pals.

    I was born and raised close to the Gulf of Mexico so we would leave messages in bottles that we threw out to sea. I never heard from anyone though. How fun if I had.

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      Comment on Neat story (February 7th, 2018 at 08:45)

      Neat story

      Glad you liked it Kim, I always enjoy these kinds of happenstance random-chance meeting stories. According to the article Anna Mae was the only one that got a response, though they release balloons all the time, but had never heard back before…though in the article it also says the children from the English school later released their own balloons and three heard back.

      I guess it’s not so likely to have success with this when you think about all the empty space out there where a balloon could land and go unnoticed as just a piece of trash. But this one came down in someone’s backyard, a perfect place to be found.

      So that makes it that much more special. I guess if you did this in a city you might have a better chance of it being found, though on the other hand, it’s probably also a factor of how long the helium inside will hold it aloft, wind, how populated the region is, and so on. Anyway, fun stuff.

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    Comment on Cute (March 10th, 2018 at 16:58)


    I once found a balloon with an address. I believe it was from New Jersey and I lived in Connecticut. I was very excited about it but I never wrote the girl whose name was on it. I don’t know why. The pic is cute. I guess she allowed a photo.

    • Yes, some Amish are more permissive about photography than people believe, and generally speaking if they’re not church members yet (baptism occurring typically between age 18 to 22) photography is more acceptable. Photos of Amish children posing for the camera are pretty common.

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