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    While I understand the Amish rationale against human photographic subjects, I have often wondered why the conservative Mennonite groups do not share the same understanding in this regard. When did the “photo prohibition” begin being written about, did the Mennonites ever have a similar prohibition, and if so, did they simply assimilate to the culture over time?


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    Comment on When did Amish first ban photography? (November 9th, 2008 at 14:11)

    When did Amish first ban photography?

    As for photography among the Amish, it likely became an issue fairly early as the fashion for photography arose; for example Nolt in A History of the Amish describes a division in 1872 involving an Amish Mennonite bishop who was considered ‘cool to portrait photography’.

    And Matthew interesting questions and ones I don’t have immediate answers for, especially as I must admit I am not as informed on conservative Mennonite practice. Will keep them in mind though and see what I can come across.

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