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    The Amish of Kalona, Iowa (32 Photos) buggies Question: In the close-up of the buggy 3 up from the bottom, what am I seeing up high on the side just behind the side window? In looking at the buggy coming up the snowy road (great pic, by the …

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    Lost Shoe Lucky? more shoes than luck I walk a 6 mile loop about 5 times a year through the Amish country of New Wilmington, PA. It’s pretty rare if I don’t find at least 1 shoe per walk. There’s one I see every time because it’s …

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    Nautical Star Amish Quilt speaking of quilts The most expensive quilt last Saturday at the Clinic for Special Children auction in Lancaster went for $4200. It was a Postage Stamp pattern made up of over 5700 individual squares, each maybe 1-1/2″ square or a little larger. That …

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    A Visit to Amish Indiana in 25 Photos nice Well done, Erik. I spent a day in Middlebury in June seeing some Mennonite friends. The supper guests were sisters and their families, and the sisters’ the family that runs Pathway in LaGrange. Like Al in KY, I have driven …

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    Sticker Shock CSC auctions I don’t believe the Leola sale has all that many buggies for sale (or horses) compared to a mud sale. It would be interesting to know what that buggy sold for… there has been some deep pocket support for CSC …

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