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    Courtney Bargerhuff
    Paradise Valley, Mexico (May 6th, 2012 at 13:36)

    Paradise Valley, Mexico

    At the end of Dale Cramer’s book Paradise Valley, he refers to the comprehensive written record of the Paradise Valley settlement in Mexico in David Luthy’s book about Amish settlements that failed. Why did this Mexico settlement fail?

    • Why the Mexico Amish settlement failed

      Courtney there is a pretty extensive 8-page history on this community but it looks like there were a few causes, including that a promised railroad (for marketing crops in cities) was never built, ministry never settled there, and political instability with harassment by rebels was ongoing, all factors that discouraged the settlers living there. At some point visitors were apparently prevented from entering the country as well which probably didn’t help the outlook either.

      Why the Mexico Amish settlement failed

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