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    I was in Baltic just a few weeks ago and it appears Miller’s Dutch Kitch’n is closed. In the past when I was there, it always seemed busy so I am not sure why it closed. Also I would say that Chalet In The Valley is more Swiss/German than Amish. The decor is more of the Swiss nature with the clocks and the building is even built to resemble a Swiss chalet. The food is good but I would say leans toward the Swiss/German type of food. It is confusing, and it took me awhile to distinguish that there is a difference between the Swiss and Amish type of business in the area.

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      Comment on Miller's Dutch Kitch'n - Closed (May 21st, 2018 at 06:21)

      Miller's Dutch Kitch'n - Closed

      Jewels, thanks for the update on the status of Miller’s Dutch Kitch’n. I have updated the listing above accordingly. Google also confirms that it is “Permanently Closed”.

      This Yelp link suggests the location may reopen under new ownership, but it sounds like it may be as a different restaurant: https://www.yelp.com/biz/millers-dutch-kitchn-baltic

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