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Do Amish visit doctors?-Amish approach to medical care; Amish and medical insurance; relationship with medical professionals; long-distance travel for medical care; traditional remedies among Amish

Do Amish have genetic disorders?-Types of genetic diseases seen in Amish and Mennonite populations; reasons for hereditary diseases; treatment for genetic disorders

see also Vaccination; Children


What holidays do Amish celebrate?-Religious and secular holidays celebrated by Amish; Amish employers adapting holiday schedule for non-Amish employees


How do Amish heat their homes?-Use of gas, coal, and wood stoves and ovens to heat Amish homes

How do Amish wash clothes?-Use of wringer washers; how Amish power wringer washers; drying clothing

What are Amish homes like?

Where do Amish go shopping?-Discussion of various venues Amish shop, including dry goods and salvage stores; Wal-Mart and other supermarkets; Spector’s; auctions; mail-order


Do Amish hunt?-reasons Amish enjoy hunting; where and what Amish hunt; disagreement among Amish over hunting

see also Firearms


Who are the Hutterites?


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