We’ve had comments on other posts about “Amish Mafia” and request for a thread on the upcoming show, so here it is.  The Discovery Channel program doesn’t premiere until Dec. 12. I don’t really have much comment as far as the substance behind it.  I will say that I am not surprised following the success of recent Amish-themed TV shows.

When it comes to public interest both the “mafia” and the “Amish” genres, if you will, have proven highly popular.  Mafia films and TV programs have seen success going back to at least the 1970s and continuing today.  The Amish have recently seen a surge in public attention.

I suppose the people behind the show thought it would be a sure ratings winner to combine the two concepts, especially given the shock value of a charged word such as “mafia” attached to the Amish.

Based on the above reasoning perhaps we’ll be seeing an Amish vampire drama or Amish talent or dance show next.  Your thoughts are welcome below.

Amish-made cheese

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