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  • I have two large very old cherry trees--furniture wood to barter for helping cut it

    If you have any interest, I have two very large Cherry trees on my mother’s Grove, OK property overlooking her driveway near her front yard. They are very old, very high –higher than the roof of her two story home across the driveway. These two trees are very old with very massive trunks. You would need a tall ladder bucket truck or something high enough to reach the highest branches.

    If you could use this beautiful cherry wood for furniture making, then perhaps we could barter. If you could bring the men and trucks or equipment to completely cut down these two large cherry trees, you could keep the wood for free to use in your mills.

    If you cannot do this work for free, then make us an offer because we really need the cherry trees cut down and taken off the property.

    Kind regards,

    Barbara Cullen
    Catherine Cullen
    61196 E. 310 Rd.
    Grove, OK 74344
    Cell: 713-502-2566
    Home: 918-786-2323
    Email: barbaracullen10@yahoo.com

    PS: My 88 year old widowed Mom’s home overlooks Grand Lake just near Honey Creek Bridge but down the lakefront there a bit. If you turn by the Cherokee Queen motel, go down that windy road, it will dead-end into Thompson Rd.

    Buffalo Shores South will be straight ahead at the stop but you will turn right and come to the second stop which is Wyant Rd. if you turn left at the stop or 610 Rd. if you turn right onto this dead-end road.

    My Mom’s house is at the very dead end of this road. Pull into her driveway and the two cherry trees are on your right side of the driveway near the bird bath stone fountain.

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