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  • Rick Dietz
    Comment on Amish Builders – Indiana (March 8th, 2014 at 23:26)

    Barn Restoration Contractors

    I am seeking evaluation and quotes for restoration of an historic barn on the west side of Bloomington. It’s not clear from your listing which firms might do this work. -Rick

    PS Here is a description of the barn…

    Large Barn

    The barn is a north-south facing, gabled, three level English barn. The roof is metal with two tall vents, the primary siding is double-lap clapboard, and the foundation consists of stone pillars. A large central pass-thru with either hinged or sliding track doors on each side runs east-west, and a second smaller equipment entrance that does not pass through is on the west side. Poured concrete on both the east and west sides form rough ramps into the building. A later, double height, shed roof equipment addition, also with double sliding track doors and dirt floor, is attached at the south end. Smaller hinged doors and fixed sash windows of varying sizes, the placement of which is determined by the interior functions, can be found on each side of the building.

    On the west side of the barn panels of metal cover the wood siding, while on the north end some siding has been replaced with beveled, tongue and groove, horizontal boards. The exterior of the south addition is vertical planking.

    The interior of the barn reveals evidence the structure may have originally been smaller, perhaps a four-crib barn given the intersecting isles, or a smaller English barn, with only two levels of height. The post and beam construction of hay bins and stalls at the central part of the building are 4 x 6 inch hewn posts. Poured concrete ramps access the original raised wood floor of the central section. Where the building was expanded north and south and to third floor height, balloon framing utilizes 2 x 4 inch boards nailed together to match the dimensions of the hewn posts, 4 x 4 inch posts with half- lap scarf joints, and smaller dimensional

    Amish Builders – Indiana

    • Amish barn restoration Indiana

      Rick if you haven’t been contacted by anyone yet, my best advice would be to reach out to one of the firms in the Southern Indiana section above (those should be pretty much all Amish-owned firms).

      If you’re in the Bloomington area they’re going to be around an hour or maybe less from you, which is well within range of Amish crews in the Daviess County community.

      It’s quite possible the number you call might not do this sort of work, but if you ask for contacts of someone else in the community who does, I think you have a good chance of finding someone.

      Amish Builders – Indiana

  • Jim michalke
    Comment on Amish Builders – Indiana (March 17th, 2014 at 20:11)

    Barn beam pergola

    We are looking for someone to construct a pergola over our patio with barn beams. We have the beams and would like them put together using mortice and tenon joints.

  • Jim michalke
    Comment on Amish Builders – Indiana (April 13th, 2014 at 13:49)

    Can anyone do this type of work?

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