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    Loretta Shumpert
    Comment on North Carolina (October 3rd, 2018 at 08:00)

    North Carolina


    Can you get us some more information on the new N.C. settlement? I’ve been to Union Grove and was hoping to go to the second one earlier this year while I was in NC but it was a distance from where I was. Isn’t it near Asheville? Anything to see there, any stores, do they sell from their homes like the Lancaster Amish do?

    Thanks for what you can find out and share.

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      Comment on Amish settlement near Ellenboro, NC (October 3rd, 2018 at 08:04)

      Amish settlement near Ellenboro, NC

      Hey Loretta, so what I’ve heard is that the new settlement is near Ellenboro, between Rutherfordton and Shelby. It’s apparently a Swartzentruber community – not sure how many are there, but my source shared there’s a second district (it’s possible he meant a separate community) in the works for the same area.

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    Don Burke
    Comment on The 12 Southern States With An Amish Population (2018) (October 3rd, 2018 at 08:39)

    Erik, would there be an online source for people to see a listing of the settlements in the various states? I regularly point people to the Journal of Anabaptist Studies (or something like that) listing, but it’s now 5 years old and a bit dated. Something more up to date would be great.

    I know I’ve asked this before, but what are the two Arkansas communities that your source has listed?

    Thanks for an interesting article.

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      Comment on Amish settlement listings (October 3rd, 2018 at 10:33)

      Amish settlement listings

      Unfortunately there’s no other source online besides the JAPAS listing you mentioned. From what I’ve heard there should be a new edition out this year.


      According to that source the 2 Arkansas communities as of 2013 would be Salem (Fulton County) and Rector (Clay County). The latest Amish Studies figures list 2 communities for Arkansas as noted above, I am assuming it is those two, unless one went extinct since 2013 and was replaced by another in the meantime.

      I believe last time I checked in Raber’s Almanac, only one of those was listed, but Raber’s, while being a good resource, doesn’t have every community listed.

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    Comment on Southern states (October 3rd, 2018 at 20:26)

    Southern states

    Haha Eric! I owe you BIG for posting that US map of regions. THANKS a million.

    I’ve only been to a few Ohio Amish communities but one of these days I’m gonna spread my wings and go visit more.

    I have a tough time imagining the Amish in Oklahoma and Texas.. it’s tough making a living from the land unless you live near a river (that’s iffy these days) and it’s hot as Hades. Poor folk.

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    Comment on Farnham Amish? (October 6th, 2018 at 13:18)

    Farnham Amish?

    We heard by a local source here on the Northern Neck of Virginia that there is a group of Amish planning to move out towards Farnham, VA (Richmond County). We’ve looked around, but can’t seem to confirm this so far. Would you have any ideas whether or not there are any Amish heading out to this part of Virginia?

    • I have not heard anything about your area Jonathan, at least not in mainstream online news sources. This news might be something that would pop up in an Amish-read publication like the Budget, maybe someone else has heard something.

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    Comment on Interesting... (October 6th, 2018 at 13:39)


    Apparently my state is considered a southern state. I wouldn’t have ever thought so. It seems pretty far north to me. I also found out that there is an Amish community less than half an hour away from me. Well, I guess you learn something new every day! I know that I’ve learned a lot since I started lurking here, although this is my first comment. Very nice website! I will definitely be visiting it many more times in the future.

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